Traveller i-Lab




Journeys are fluid and punctual thanks to the new generation of Peugeot connected navigation. This displays 3D mapping and suggests alternative routes in real time based on traffic hazards. It also provides information on weather conditions and even fuel prices, optimising the vehicle's use.

Voice recognition provides additional security allowing you to control navigation, telephone and media functions without taking your eyes off the road. The 7" touch screen acts as an interface with VisioPark. This equipment recreates a 180° image in overhead view of the environment behind the vehicle. When an obstacle is close by, VisioPark autonomously switches to zoom mode for even more precise manoeuvres.



Passenger safety is front-of-mind through our most comprehensive safety equipment yet. The road sign-reading device scans the edges of the carriageway to display the speed limit in force in the instrument panel's colour matrix. The driver then validates this information to set the cruise control/speed limiter.

The Peugeot Traveller i-Lab concept also monitors the driver's vigilance to prevent collisions. The driver inattention monitoring system alerts him after two hours of continuous driving then every hour if he does not stop to take a break from driving. This equipment also measures the vehicle's dynamic attitude via the camera and steering wheel angle sensor. A visual and audible alert encourages the driver to pay better attention to their standards of driving if required.

In the event of an imminent collision with a moving or stationary obstacle, whether this is a vehicle or pedestrian, the Active City Brake applies an automatic brake. The aim is to avoid coming into contact with the obstacle by reducing the consequences if it cannot be avoided.


In keeping with the Peugeot Connect Fleet Management service, an app for professionals is displayed via Mirror Screen® on the Peugeot Traveller i-Lab's touch screen. It collects the location and technical information (fuel consumption, remaining fuel range, average speed) in real time and informs the driver and fleet management in order to plan and prepare future vehicle maintenance.

Fuel consumption is also optimised through personalised eco-driving tips. All of this information enhances the company's fleet management tool. This app also enables fleet management to notify the driver of events related to their activity in real time and to organise their schedule for future assignments.