Traveller i-Lab


Design is key - and never has that been truer than on the Peugeot Traveller i-Lab concept, which has been thoughtfully designed both inside and out.


The Peugeot Traveller i-Lab concept is a VIP shuttle study for a connected journey. To achieve this, this concept car is based on Peugeot's new MPV, the Peugeot Traveller. As its name suggests, its services and high level of safety promise to deliver a relaxed journey whilst allowing the opportunity to conduct business on the move.


/image/86/3/peugeot_travellerilab_1601styp004_1280x500.155863.jpg /image/86/4/peugeot_travellerilab_1601styp003_1280x500.155864.jpg

The vehicle's design and the Traveller i-Lab name work in harmony to deliver a concept car that makes you look forward to travelling. Its spacious cabin boasts a luxury finish with so many home comforts. Its dimensions are compact; 4.96 m long and 1.90 high. They are embellished with lines that highlight its aerodynamic shape. The sleekly designed side panels are structured with sharp lines sculpted by concave door sills, which enhance the impressiveness of the smooth wheel arches extending out from them.

The sliding side doors and look impressive in its Dark Copper colour, offering intense reflections. The sliding side doors provide access to the welcoming passenger space, which looks even more impressive when you consider the seemingly compact exterior.


The shuttle makes light of urban constraints with its reduced overhangs. Its height makes using underground and typical city centre car parks a breeze.

Its powerful front end shows off its dynamic capabilities, enhanced by various air inlets including the vertical grille and a robust chromed trim.

With a design inspired by our saloon models, the Xenon headlights are mounted flush with the bodywork. The LED signature lights, integrated with boomerangs, decorate the front bumper. This emphasises the wheel arches and sculpted side panels that model the 3.28 m wheelbase.

The line of the top window provides a commanding street-view, which is ideal for anticipating on-coming traffic.