Traveller i-Lab


"The Peugeot Traveller i-Lab streamlines everything, enhancing your everyday life. The arch supporting the touch tablet
shows this versatility by fostering exchanges between passengers." Alessandro Riga, Peugeot Traveller i-Lab Interior Designer



Previously, shuttle journeys were compromised for people with busy schedules. Now, with the Peugeot Traveller i-Lab concept, the same journey allows maximum time for work. This begins as soon as you open the electric sliding doors. Due to hands-free sliding side doors, you simply put your foot in front of the sensor installed in the sill panel. Once on board, the passengers' smart phone or tablet automatically connects to the on-board WiFi hotspot. The shuttle's various functions are also simultaneously updated based on the content of their apps/documents, meaning business can carry on immediately.


The touch tablet with large 32" screen is the central interface for passengers in the Peugeot Traveller i-Lab concept. It is positioned on an arch combining raw wood and resin, mixing tradition with modernity.

Sliding and reclining, it can be used in any way to get the job done: individual tablet, or a tablet split into four screens for multiple users. Two induction charging terminals are provided on the arch for powering the passengers devices.



Acoustics in the cabin are optimised by specific insulation and an arrangement of FOCAL equipment.

It has four mediums and two tweeters, which form part of the audio installation developed by FOCAL following on from work carried out on some of our previous concept cars. This installation comprises a total of 17 FOCAL loudspeakers – woofers, mediums, subwoofer, tweeters – carefully positioned around the interior of the vehicle.

The loudspeakers are fed by three FOCAL FD amplifiers for a total power of 1,300 Wrms. The control of these elements by the Digital Signal processor adapts the sound to the shape of the passenger cabin.

All of this means you get the best level of acoustic comfort in this segment, meaning listening to your playlists on your smart phone is an absolute pleasure.


Imagine a world where your Peugeot connected navigation is programmed to the address you're travelling to for your next business appointment. As the destination is a hotel, the 32" giant touch screen tablet connects to the corresponding hotel website for a virtual visit of the room via the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset. Or what if you're a Producer, and want to view a potential filming location before you visit, in the same way? The future is now a reality.

Whatever your profile, the Peugeot Traveller i-Lab's impressive functions all save you time and money, transforming your smart phone into a console for streamlining your everyday life. In this way, they can check in and check out of your hotel room from the shuttle. Once at your destination, passengers can go straight to their hotel room without having to go to the reception because an electronic key has been downloaded on to your devices. When you leave, the invoice is generated automatically, and payment can also be made by telephone.

The Peugeot Traveller i-Lab concept also provides a solution to language problems for international travellers. When abroad, if the passenger changes his agenda, he no longer needs to try and make himself understood by the driver. The changed appointment is transferred directly into the driver's schedule in the correct language.