The first time a concept car design has incorporated sound to such an extent, Peugeot FRACTAL innovates
by utilising 3D printing alongside a generative design to ensure the highest standards in efficiency.


Peugeot FRACTAL concept explores the use of 3D printing to create shapes that cannot be obtained through any other process. The resulting parts and components represent more than 80% of the interior surfaces and offer a combination of new styling and real functionality. The touchpad wires run through the spokes of the compact steering wheel.

The anechoic surfaces cover more than 15 square metres of the cabin interior and were produced by generative design. The computing power of today's machines makes it possible to explore all variations of shapes and structures for a given part. Generative design creates efficient shapes and develops the perfect part in each case through the use of algorithms. Peugeot FRACTAL uses just the right amount of material to ensure acoustic efficiency.


The FRACTAL concept also makes everyday life easier for the vehicle owner through the use of a Samsung Gear S smartwatch, which provides continuous information on the status of the battery, charging time, interior temperature and vehicle location.

The watch gives the driver one-touch access to open the doors and customise interior features such as the air conditioning and sound system.