The technology used in the EXALT concept makes every journey an experience. The driver can enjoy a host of innovations
and relax with the knowledge they are benefiting from Peugeot’s expertise in road performance.



Weighing just 1,700kg, Peugeot EXALT concept is powered by a plug-in HYbrid4 drive train with a total maximum power of 340hp shared between the four wheels. The chiselled bonnet houses the 1.6 THP 270hp engine developed by Peugeot Sport. Coupled to a 6-speed automatic gearbox, this 4-cylinder petrol engine develops a specific power output of nearly 170 hp per litre, making it one of the best in the world. At the rear, the multi-link rear axle contains a 50 kW electric machine for electric or hybrid phases of operation. This machine also intervenes to recharge the battery through energy recovery braking. On deceleration, braking is produced by the resistant torque of the electric machine. In this way the HYbrid4 technology converts into electricity the kinetic energy that would otherwise have been dissipated as heat through the brake discs and pads. Intelligent technology, HYbrid4 instantly adapts to the driver’s wishes by selecting the most suitable mode: pure electric, petrol only, petrol-electric hybrid.



For the comfort of its occupants, EXALT concept is fitted with an innovative air treatment system called Pure Blue. When stationary, with the vehicle empty, Pure Blue purifies the cabin surfaces. Once the vehicle is moving, an active filter treats the air before it enters the cabin, eliminating VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine particles. So in all circumstances the occupants travel in a purified environment.



Toggle Switches are arranged in two groups, two to the left of the small steering wheel, seven to the right. The driver can associate any of the cars functions to whichever switch he desires. Activation of the black light system can also be assigned to one of the Toggle Switches. Built into the headlamps, this system is particularly useful during dusk and night. Visibility issues are reduced and the black light also makes road markings more noticable.