EXALT is made of raw and natural elements associated with innovative and efficient materials.
The idea was to finish the car intelligently with useful touches, whilst optimising processes to economise on the use of materials and reduce waste.



To improve the drag coefficient, the rear of EXALT concept is trimmed in Shark Skin, an efficient man-made textile. Thanks to its technical grain structure, this material mimics a real shark's skin by markedly improves the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle, with the aim of reducing its fuel consumption.



Fabric and leather are used together on the EXALT concept, and to avoid off-cuts and waste, the fabric is shaped using clamps. This simple process is inspired by the tradition of fine gentlemen’s bespoke tailoring. The fabric then presents surfaces with crisp folds and no stitching. EXALT makes use of the natural imperfections in leather to make each one a unique signature. Then the leathers are aged naturally, without the use of chemicals.



Black ebony wood has been selected for its rare qualities and its indigenous roots to the Asian continent.

It bears a motif designed by the PINWU Design Trio agency.

Combining a lion with bamboo stems and leaves, its creation was entrusted to a Chinese master craftsman using traditional techniques.



Finally, carbon fibre gives way to basalt fibre, a natural composite.

Produced by smelting the basalt stone, it reduces the use of petrochemical resources.

Exalt's sills are composed of basalt fibre.