With EXALT concept, Peugeot unveils its imposing vision of the sedan.
EXALT aims to please the senses with its radical styling choices and by the materials used throughout.



EXALT concept chooses to be radical by using only materials that are really useful. Its specification comprises of materials from different cultures, using both French and Chinese know-how. Each one of the materials used has been rigorously tested and selected for its efficiency.




The Peugeot i-Cockpit delivers an intense driving experience dedicated to enjoyment. The dashboard  is composed of nine Toggles, allowing the driver access to navigation and other vehicle settings, such as heating and air conditioning. An innovative air treatment system called Pure Blue also means all occupants travel in a purified environment.



EXALT concept uses HYbrid4 technology which allows the driver to select the most suitable driving mode: 100% electric, petrol only, petrol-electric hybrid. The drive adapts to each mode accordingly, meaning the driver feels the intensity of the journey at every step, and can take full advantage of Peugeot's know-how in road performance.



With its sleek and athletic lines, EXALT concept embodies the power of Peugeot design. This innovative design is characterised by a straight line and a mixture of materials, which reveal an imposing vision of the sedan. A historical wink integrated into the EXALT's conception reinforces the brand signature.



EXALT concept provides exceptional versatility for a sedan. One of a kind, it reinterprets the history that makes up automobile passion: taut and dynamic lines, a high waist line, a raked windscreen, a low roof (just 1.31m), and a slender profile that conceals a cabin that is still surprisingly spacious.


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