The proportions of PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT draw from the great coachbuilding tradition. The curved lines are sculpted around the technical components and the occupants. The lengthy bonnet hints at the 300 hp delivered by the PHEV power chain. The generous contours of the wheel arches suggest good road-handling and the power of the four drive wheels.
The front end is extremely expressive. There is a camera lens fitted in the centre of each LED headlamp, evoking the pupil of an eye. These cameras scan the vehicle’s environment and send information back to the driving assistance systems. The grille’s aspect changes depending on which way you look at it. Its semi-hollowed structure features a Lion which is underlined in white when Autonomous mode is activated.


As a car moves forward, it pushes through a wall of air, affecting the way it accelerates. Engineers constantly work on improving aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption and improve passenger comfort. This latter aspect will become increasingly important in the future. With self-driving cars, vehicle occupants will be able to do other things as they travel, discovering new ways of enjoying themselves on-board.

On either side of the headlamps, the light signature stretches the full height of the front mask. It is deployed from 90 km/h upwards, with a two-fold objective. Firstly, the lower parts of the two light guides are connected by a strip that provides extra downforce on the front axle.
Secondly, this movement creates an opening to reduce pressure on the bodywork of the moving vehicle. Air is drawn in at the front end and expelled at the wheel surface. This serves as a virtual wheel fairing, cancelling out aerodynamic interference with the chassis and suspension, working in combination with the five-spoke aluminium wheels. The latter feature a series of narrow grooves, making them lighter. The same aerodynamic features are also found at the rear end. Air is drawn in via an opening in the front door beltline and flows towards the diffuser, located below a row of 3D lamps connected by a light strip.
The sunroof curves down snugly over the vehicle’s passengers. Its lines are underscored by the same deep blue tri-coating that colours the bodywork.