For PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT, our inspiration came from nature and from people. People learn from their environment, gaining in autonomy as they go. Likewise, PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT draws on deep learning technology to establish the user’s profile. The SAMSUNG ARTIKTM Cloud for the I.o.Ti connects the devices they use every day and aggregates the data. That data comes from items such as smartwatches, smartphones and social media. It can even connect to your home to communicate with your smart television, audio streaming, home assistant, PC and other devices. The car itself is a valuable source of information because it is with us throughout our day and knows our regular journeys, favourite places and how we drive. PEUGEOT and Sentiance, a data science company, process the data to make it meaningful and define each user’s profile. The analysis is dynamic and constantly enhanced. It means PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT can preconfigure or adapt its architecture to satisfy all its user’s needs and desires.



Monday, 7:45 a.m.

You set off for your 8:30 appointment fifteen minutes earlier than usual. Taking weather and traffic
conditions into account, your car’s navigation system and your diary have synchronised and
suggested you leave home fifteen minutes earlier if you want to be on time. Once inside the car, the
FOCAL hi-fi system starts playing the track you were listening to at home. When you start the
engine, your house doors are automatically locked.


Tuesday, 9 p.m.

You’re very tired after your session at the gym. Your PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT is aware of this
thanks to your smartwatch and so switches to Autonomous Soft mode. You can take some rest
during the journey back home. As you approach your house, the outside lights come on to light up
your driveway.


Thursday, 8 a.m.

Yesterday’s sport wasn’t enough! Your car suggests you park a ten-minute walk from your office to
help you keep fit.


Friday, 2 p.m.

The journey to your next appointment includes a section on the motorway and a winding local road.
The motorway part is covered in Autonomous Sharp mode. Then, knowing that you enjoy a dynamic
drive, the car switches itself to Drive Boost mode when you join the local road.


The four modes available allow for particularly precise management. Drive Boost is designed for a dynamic drive. Drive Relax uses the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) to assist the driver. This includes features such as automatic main beam switching or the active cruise control. Autonomous Soft mode is for comfort. The journeys may be a little longer, giving you time to watch a film, read or simply rest. Finally, Autonomous Sharp optimises journey times with precise, efficient road handling.