Peugeot Warranty
Peugeot Warranty


Body and Pair Astra Peugeot Sunter is the only authorized body and pair workshop that specialized in body and pair and painting of motor vehicles. Furnished equipment according to standards set by Peugeot facility. Body and Pair Astra Peugeot Sunter ready to serve customers for related occupations, body and pair and painting of vehicles by relying on its facilities and personnel, including:

  1. Skilled and experienced technicians,
  2. A spacious location to one with general repair workshop and showroom Peugeot is an integrated solution for automotive service,
  3. The facilities and equipment are adequate:
    • Welding using CO2 / MIG , so that it can produce a weld with high quality and much faster, because this system does not use flux, so there is no possibility of trapping impurities from the molten metal.
    • Spaces for the primary layer (epoxy) and panting at once drying (Clean Booth) spaced apart from the processes of workmanship other to avoid the fine dust that can reduce the perfection of the painting.


Contact us:

Astra Peugeot Body Repair

Jalan Pahlawan Seribu Perum BSD Blok 405 No. 2-2A

BSD City, Tangerang

(021) 538 001

Astra Peugeot Sunter (under construction)

Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav. 24 Sunter II, North Jakarta

(021) 651 2325 

Astra Peugeot BSD

Astra Biz Center, Jl. BSD Raya Utama Kav. Commercial Park Barat Lot I. IIC

BSD City, Tangerang

(021) 3006 2038