June 23, 2022


NEW PEUGEOT 408 | Unexpected From Every Angle


Unveiled to the public on 22 June, the New PEUGEOT 408 combines the silhouette of a 5-door saloon with the dynamism of a fastback coupé. Its unexpected design gives this new PEUGEOT a unique style.

Its low stance contributes strongly to the vehicle's aerodynamic performance and handling, an important marker of the brand’s DNA.

A look back at three key stages in the development of this new kind of PEUGEOT.


"This is a brand new model in the PEUGEOT range. We gave the designers free rein, explaining to them that we wanted a new car, one that is different, original, and unexpected on the market," says Aurélie Bresson, PEUGEOT Product Manager.

And they have taken up the challenge perfectly: a strong and bold design, an innovative colour, Obsession Blue, large 20-inch wheels with a disruptive design. A majestic profile that gives this New PEUGEOT 408 a silhouette full of allure!

NEW PEUGEOT 408 | Unexpected From Every Angle


NEW PEUGEOT 408 | Unexpected From Every Angle



"The exterior style of a car is responsible for 50% of its aerodynamic performance. For example, the style of the wheels, the underbody, the interior flow... All these elements are essential and must be considered to achieve the most efficient performance possible," explains Nicolas Lebrault, the brand’s aerodynamic engineer.

A series of wind tunnel tests were carried out to check all the elements that could cause excess energy consumption. Particular attention was paid to the front of the car, which was rounded to generate little turbulence, and to the rear, which was narrowed to ensure the smallest possible wake.

Verdict: The New PEUGEOT 408, an assertive disruptive line AND an unfailingly positive energy balance.


Before going into production, each new PEUGEOT is examined and tested from every angle to ensure that the final model is absolutely perfect. The pilot workshop is the place where the very first PEUGEOT 408s are assembled following a very precise assembly schedule: part range by part range (doors, PEUGEOT I-Cockpit®, engines, etc).

If a malfunction appears on an element, it is immediately reworked and improved by the team in charge. Every detail of the vehicle is carefully examined to ensure that the result is optimal and fully complies with the brand's specifications.

Those who seek perfection obtain excellence! And the New PEUGEOT 408 brings, in addition, a new look to the PEUGEOT family!

NEW PEUGEOT 408 | Unexpected From Every Angle