PEUGEOT Design Lab designs a food bike for Gillardeau


Véronique Gillardeau, co-director of the prestigious Gillardeau oyster farm, is offering her customers an electrically-assisted tricycle to hire for picnicking on the Île de Ré. Following the success of her “Marcelle” food trucks, created by PEUGEOT Design Lab, she called upon the studio once again to design her “bistro bike”. PEUGEOT’s designers equipped it with an ingenious folding table for customers to enjoy their oysters on, as well as an integrated refrigerator to keep them cool. Christened “Le Petit Gégé”, the tricycle is currently operating in Saint-Martin-de-Ré.

Gillardeau offers customers an all-new takeaway experience

Having been located in Saint-Martin-de-Ré for several months, the oyster farm is thinking outside the box and offering its tricycle for hire to friends and families for picnics by the sea. The tricycle is large enough to carry food and drinks for 12 guests and is electrically assisted, meaning it moves effortlessly. Its battery life, which gives it a range of up to 160 kilometres, is enough to take it all over the Île de Ré.

“We have designed five “Marcelle” travelling shops with PEUGEOT Design Lab. Their success at markets and events led me to collaborate with the studio once again to offer an all-new experience to our customers on the Île de Ré. Together with the designers at PEUGEOT, we have come up with a design that suits the island. The concept of a food bike was key: our customers rent the trike and can stand up to the bar table to enjoy both their Gillardeau® oysters and the panoramic views. I have christened the tricycle “Le Petit Gégé”, in homage to Gérard Gillardeau, the founder’s grandson. A keen cyclist, he hesitated to become a professional cyclist and an oyster farmer.” said Véronique Gillardeau, co-director of the eponymous company.

A top-of-the-range “bistro bike” from PEUGEOT Design Lab

The PEUGEOT Design Lab designers created the trike’s storage spaces, style, and movement. As an ambassador for the Gillardeau brand, it echoes the look of the “Marcelle” portable outlets.
A table protects the work surface and storage openings whilst the bike is on the move. It unfolds once the bike is stationary and becomes a serving bar.
The work surface features three storage compartments. The fridge keeps the day’s drinks and oysters cool, whilst another compartment is for cutlery and preparation accessories. There’s also a bin for storing the empty shells in once the picnic is over.
The back of the trike is tapered and secured with leather hinges, echoing the bonnet of a classic car. The touches of wood and stainless steel are inspired by oyster farming traditions. Its black lacquer finish and logo reflect the prestige of the Maison Gillardeau.

Exclusive to the Maison Gillardeau, “Le Petit Gégé” took three months to design, and was subsequently brought to life by Le Mans-based Gruau. It is currently operating out of the Gillardeau beach cabin in Saint-Martin-de-Ré (France).

The “Marcelle” food trucks were designed for Gillardeau by PEUGEOT Design Lab in mid-2017. These travelling shops are equipped with a bar which slides out from the back of a PEUGEOT Expert, putting the shucker at the same level as their customers who can see every single second of their work. The name “Marcelle” pays homage to the founder of the Maison Gillardeau’s daughter, who worked extensively for the company in the early years of the twentieth century.

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